Why you should stay at Hotel DeBrett?

If you’re looking to find a luxury hotel at the heart of Auckland then surely Hotel DeBrett is the right choice for you. This hotel is located at the main of Auckland and consists of extremely elegant design. The structure of the hotel is quite beautiful as it has art-filled laneways that attract the people towards them.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why you should stay at Hotel DeBrett? There’re many reasons to stay at this hotel. The Hotel DeBrett has gorgeous rooms which are fully air-conditioned. The guests can access free WiFi at this place.

Elegant Rooms
The beauty of the rooms can’t be described in words as they’re incomparable. Every single room contains flat screen TV and DVD player that’s a way of recreation for the guests. Any time they can enjoy the TV watching their favourite dramas and programs.

The furniture in the rooms are quite amazing and they’re all luxury. There are beautiful artworks, antiques, collectables, retro, custom made furniture and Kiwi Kitsch in the rooms. These all things add in the beauty of the rooms and they look more gorgeous than simple rooms.

There’s one amazing point about the rooms. It is that the O’Connell room 2.17 have the bars in it. These bars have styled according to mid-century and they contain different types of drinks. The guests enjoy their spare time at the drink gatherings inside the bar.

There’re loft rooms 2.3 and 2.4 that contain the sport spiral type staircases. These staircases are pretty enough to impress the guests. In the lofty rooms, you can enjoy the cocktail dress and high heels. However, room 1.7 is basically an atrium that has a sexy and snug appearance. The guests can enjoy at their maximum here by doing the party. In short, this room is best for couples.

Drawing Room
Just close to the restaurant there occurs a drawing room in which the guests can spend time in gossips. There’re comfortable sofas in it the drawing rooms where they feel relax to sit.

There’s laid back spot where you can enjoy doing emails and drinking. There’re also laptops available here just for the use of the guests. The guests can do mailing and complete their office work in a relatable way.

Extra Things for Children
The Hotel Debrett has also cared much about the children and this is one of the main reason why you stay at Hotel Debrett. They have arranged the cots and sofa-beds for children.

There’re also many things like toys, baby monitors, PS3s for children. These things are a source of enjoyment for children and at any time they feel no less than home.

There’re also special things in menu time for children. You can ask the staff to provide you with baby sitter with only NZ $20.

There’s a good restaurant inside the hotel. This restaurant offers a delicious variety of foods to the guests. The catering service is so good.

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