Udemy In 2021: Full Review

Udemy, the platform for taking online courses open to all, is one of the leaders of MOOCs. This is probably the site that offers the most classes. Udemy’s specificity lies in the fact that it allows all experts and professionals to integrate its website to provide distance training, type MOOC. The courses are given there are on a variety of topics and themes.

This is why this platform is a real success with stakeholders. Classes are added regularly, if not every day. This is why the site has a dynamic catalog.


Udemy is a world-class platform. Its history began in 2007, when Eren Bali, its founder, created software for virtual courses. He quickly realized that his product had potential. It was then that he decided, in 2009, to go to Silicone Vallée, in the United States, to try his luck with his product and his know-how. So he found partners, including Oktay Calgar and Gagan Biyani, and launched the Udemy project in early 2010. The three partners tried to raise funds to find an investment, but the investors were not interested in their project. It was then that they decided to launch the Udemyproject themselves, “The Academy of You.”

Immediately, 2000 courses were published on the Udemy platform by 1000 instructors. Nearly 10,000 learners have registered on the site. Thanks to this first positive experience, the founders tried their luck with investors and raised $1 million in late August 2010 and $3 million in October 2011. In 2012, the company secured an investment of $12 million. In 2014, Udemy’s CEO changed, and Dennis Yang replaced Erin Ball. The site raised $32 million in May 2014, $65 million in June 2015, and $60 million in June 2016. Udemy has raised $173 million through 2017. In June 2017, the platform again changed CEO, including Kevin H. Johnson.

The courses

Udemy has a wide range of courses. Its online catalog has more than 80,000 terms, divided into several languages. Indeed, the courses offered on this site are provided by experts from all over the world. Unlike other MOOC platforms, the site does not have any particular collaboration with universities or specific institutions. All instructors who want to share their experiences and know-how on the forum can do so by incorporating courses in the form of videos, PowerPoint presentations, Pdfs, and live classes.

OnUdemy’splatform, the courses offered may or may not be paid for. This depends, in particular, on their owner. One of the most significant advantages of taking a distance course on this site is the lack of a time limit. While classes are generally available on other MOOC platforms on a limited-time basis, on Udemy’s, courses can be purchased, and learners can access them at any time or even download them. Also, the site hosts MOOCs for companies or Udemy for Business. It is a solution for businesses that allow employees to offer initial training at a lower cost. Only selected trainers can post courses in this category.

Also, members can share their experiences and opinions and various tips on a discussion forum. They can also contact teachers for specific questions or to have personal assistance. They can give a certificate of completion of the training. However, certificates cannot be used in a legal framework but will be an asset to be presented during a work interview or other non-formal things.

Udemy’s platform uses the rating system to allow learners to share their appreciation of course quality. They can also leave a comment. It is indeed a very effective way, which helps future members choose courses and have an idea of the training content. It should be noted that the site currently has more than 24 million students.

Price Range

Registration on Udemy’s website is free, but you need an account on the platform to access it. The courses are both free and paid for. Whether or not to rate the classes depends on the trainers who design them. Almost a third of the courses are free, and the most-followed and topical courses are usually the most expensive. The price is generally starting at 19 euros, but the site requires that the minimum price for a course is 9 euros and must not exceed 300.

It is also possible for learners to view part of the courses to get an idea of what they are going to buy. Indeed, Udemy provides its members with the “See a preview of this course” icon above the indicated rate. That’s when they can decide whether or not to take the course and pay the price.

Udemy’s platform also offers a subscription fee. It is being provided to professional establishments and companies via the Udemy for the Business category. Nearly 3000 courses are available in this section. The subscription fee is based on business needs.

User reviews

Users are generally satisfied with their experience on Udemy. Therefore, the site has a positive balance sheet, which is justified by the number of members who adhere to this site. Some learners say they are satisfied with their experience because of the ergonomics of the site and, in particular, its easy access. Others are happy to have been able to enjoy an awards ceremony. From time to time, trainers offer good deals and discounts on courses. Members who have also taken courses entirely on the site say they have found work through training on the platform. However, some users say they are hesitant because of the courses’ quality, but the rating system is a perfect tool to make the right decision.

Rating: 9/10

Udemy is a MOOC platform with an extensive range of courses. It is also the site that offers more MOOCs in French. Its catalog makes it easy for learners to find a specific period. The rates are also desirable. The absence of a time limit on the courses allows students to consult them as they see fit, without time limit stress. The classes are also searchable as long as they exist on the platform, and users are members of the forum. The rating of courses is very beneficial insofar as it is a way to know the quality of the trainers’ course.

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