Pandemic Effect: 23% Decrease In Advertising Revenue In Q3

Advertising revenues for all media reached 4.532 billion euros in the third quarter of 2020, down 23.3% year-on-year (compared to -1.6% in September 2019), according to the unified advertising market barometer (BUMP) published by France Bump Pub, Irep, and Kantar. These figures include television, film, radio, press, outdoor advertising, advertising, and digital revenues. As of […]

Google To Delete Files From Inactive Accounts After 2 Years

Google will delete your files if you remain inactive for 24 months. Google has just announced an update to its storage policy for its Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos services. As of June 1, 2021, if you are inactive on one or more services for two years, your files may be deleted by Google. […]

How Artificial intelligence Is Being Used In 5 Major Industries

How is AI used in industry, cybersecurity, commerce, or healthcare? Lara Rouyres, founder and CEO of, presents five examples of France’s applications as an AI event. We interviewed Lara Rouyres, founder and CEO of, and a board member of France Digitale, which presents examples of the use of artificial intelligence in the industry, […]

Kobold draws inspiration from the success of the Thermomix for its multifunction vacuum cleaner

With its multifunction cordless vacuum cleaner, Kobold wants to revolutionize the floor care sector, as the Vorwerk group has done in the robot-cooker market with the Thermomix, signs a very versatile product. With its multifunction vacuum cleaner, Kobold probably wanted to take advantage of the excellent suction performance of its VB100, launched in 2019, by combining them […]