Sony Vlog ZV-1: a compact photo specially designed for vlogging

While the practice of Vlog has developed well, Sony intends to surf the phenomenon by offering the compact Vlog ZV-1. This revisited version of the RX100 Mark VII has several functions to facilitate vlogging .

Teased for a few days, it was finally on May 26 that Sony unveiled its new camera. It is a compact, the “Vlog ZV-1”. From a distance, the ZV-1 looks a lot like another compact from the Japanese giant, the RX100 Mark VII . This is only logical, because this ZV-1 was built around the sensor and the chassis of the RX100. However, if we find the same sensor of 1 inch and 20.1 megapixels, many details allow to differentiate the two boxes.

Indeed, intended primarily for the practice of Vlog , the ZV-1 does not have a viewfinder. In return, its touch screen is now mounted on a ball joint and therefore allows direct feedback when filming (up to 4K UHD). Also, while the RX100 VII was equipped with an x8 zoom with its lens equivalent to 24-200 mm f / 2.8-4.5, the ZV-1 is content with a x3 zoom with a lens equivalent to 24 -70mm f / 1.8-2.8 Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T *, thus having a larger aperture at the wider focal length. The ZV-1’s left shoulder also has an accessory shoe. Similarly, to facilitate handling, a small grip has been affixed to the handle of the device.

© Sony

© Sony

Optimized microphone, stabilization and focusing

A more efficient microphone has been integrated in place of the flash, and a small windshield, delivered with the device, is attached to this microphone to reduce the effect of the wind, note that despite this microphone, the ZV-1 has always with a 3.5mm jack. Also for vloggers , the record button, usually installed on the back of the case, has been moved to the upper edge. The software part has also been revised and the detection of eyes and faces in video, which will be adjustable, has been improved. Sony also promises that the focus transition would be smoother. Special attention was paid to automatic exposure and backlight management, as well as digital stabilization.

With the GP-VPT2BT handle.  © Sony

With the GP-VPT2BT handle. © Sony

Among other effects to improve skin tones, the ZV-1 has two more original functions. A Bokeh switch allows you to play on the background blur without having to modify the aperture, and we will not fail to check during our test if this effect is a software trick or if it is simply d ” an automatic modification of the opening. Finally, for those who, like influencers, often highlight products while filming themselves, a touch makes it easier to focus on an object, even if the face of the vlogger is still in the field.

The Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1 will be available from June and will be offered for € 800.

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