Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Apple TV +, Disney +: not to be missed in June

The essential meeting for all lovers of video streaming : discover what will be the great films and new series offered by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal +, Apple TV + and Disney + in June.

Here is the moment of our essential meeting for all lovers of video streaming : the great movies and new series offered by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal +, Apple TV + and Disney +. And more than ever in this period of progressive deconfinement, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this selection as varied as possible will meet your needs for relaxation and breathing. So, what will we have to put before our eyes in June? Here is the selection of the must-have streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video , OCS, Canal +, Apple TV + and Disney +. There will be something for everyone !

It’s the last season in the series, and the Liberty High Terminals are preparing to graduate. But before saying goodbye, they will have to make sure that a dangerous secret does not come to the surface, and make decisions that could change the course of their lives.

In Brazil, participants in a reality show find themselves locked in the studios of a television channel during an elimination party following a zombie apocalypse … The trailer is worth its weight in gold.

In the summer of 1994, four young people attended a summer vacation camp in a forest and disappeared. 25 years later, Pawel Kopiński, a Warsaw prosecutor, is still in mourning after the disappearance of his sister in these mysterious circumstances. Unexpectedly, he gets a new lead in the investigation.

This animated series tells the story of the Murphy family in the 1970s, a time when political correctness, child overprotection and the ban on smoking were still inconceivable.

Spike Lee tells us the story of 4 African-American veterans of the Vietnam War who leave on the spot in search of their former squadron chief, dead in action, and of a hidden treasure.

Brazil, 1950s. A rich young woman from São Paulo moves to Rio de Janeiro to open a restaurant with her husband. But barely arrived, she discovers that he left with all the money. Maria-Luiza (it’s her first name) picks herself up and embarks on bossa-nova. For a dip in an industry dominated by men.

Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) has set himself the goal of debunking the relentless Dede Standish (Judith Light) and taking his place as New York State senator, the next step in his ascent to the presidency. A real satire of the political world.

The Amazon Prime Video catalog is enriched with series that have become classic, but not necessarily recent, such as Smallville (seasons 1 to 9), Le Prince de Bel-Air (Seasons 1 to 6), Nip / Tuck (seasons 1 to 5) ), Les Frères Scott (seasons 1 to 9), all available from June 3. To see and see again. And for the pleasure and the memories that it can awaken in the oldest among you, here is the credits of the Prince of Bel-Air with the essential Will Smith.

We didn’t tell you about it in our previous selection , but here is a series to see absolutely on the crossed destinies of the Richardson family and of a mother and daughter, Mia and Pearl Warren who land in a wealthy suburb of Ohio . The weight of secrets, family, motherhood … Reassuring and worrying at the same time.

The United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China unite to create “Rogue”, a secret unit capable of fighting international terrorism without the official intervention of the armies.

1889: the heirs of the last five vampire clans in Europe are gathered on a ship to follow the teachings of the new vampire school. Unlike their parents, they have to join forces and become stronger than ever to survive …

OCS is now available as part of the Prime Video Channels offer in France. Prime members in France can now subscribe and enjoy the series and films available on the SVOD service, which includes among other things all HBO productions. OCS is available to Prime members within Prime Video Channels for € 11.99 / month, with a month of free trial .

  •  Cycle Richard Brooks – films, from June 5

Every Friday, OCS Géants! proposes to revisit the classics of Richard Brooks. June 5: Professionals (1966, with Burt Lancaster). June 12: The wild ride (1975, with Gene Hackman). June 19: Murders Live (1982, with Sean Connery). June 26: Dollars (1971, with Warren Beatty).

  •  I may destroy you – series – season 1, from June 8

This new HBO series explores the issue of sexual consent in today’s world and questions how we distinguish between liberation and exploitation.

  •  Special Annecy Festival , from June 13

From June 13 to 24, OCS pays tribute to animation, with the broadcasting of 10 feature films on the occasion of the Annecy International Animation Festival.

  •  Trackers – series – season 1, from June 27

Adapted from the eponymous thriller by novelist Deon Meyer, the new action series is a sophisticated thriller that skillfully intertwines three stories that take place in Cape Town, South Africa.


  •  Dear – series – season 1, from June 5

Here is a documentary series on such famous personalities as Spike Lee, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Wonder or Jane Goodall and whose portraits are made from letters from fans.

  •  Dads – documentary, from June 19

This documentary celebrates the joys and challenges of parenting in today’s world through interviews with six fathers from around the world and testimonies from personalities as diverse as they are varied.


Disney + has been available in France since April 7 and can count on its historical catalog, but also on its recent acquisitions. Thus, subscribers can enjoy all the Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars films, but also those of Fox, a studio bought at a hefty price. You can benefit from a free trial period of 7 days to discover the offer which is available at 6.99 € / month or 69.99 € / month for a year, the two formulas being without engagement.

  •  Artemis Fowl – film, from June 12

This fantastic film directed by Kenneth Branagh is an adaptation of the series of eponymous novels by the Irish writer Eoin Colfer. A 12-year-old boy from a long line of evil genius sets out in search of his father, who has mysteriously disappeared.

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