Microsoft Provides Edge Browser With Offline Playable Surf Game

Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge now has a built-in game to pass the time while having fun when the connection is gone. Lovers of surfing and good old 2D arcade games should be the first conquered.

Chrome, Google’s browser, has had a nice hidden feature on its screen for several years now that indicates when there’s no connection. Press the space bar, and the little dinosaur at the top of the screen starts to run… straight towards cacti. Charge the user to make him jump said cacti (without forgetting to dodge the imitation pterodactyls) using the space bar or directional arrows to make the best possible score – while waiting for the return of the sacro – holy internet connection.

In a very similar approach, it is now the turn of Microsoft Edge, in its new version based on Chromium , to host a game directly hosted in the browser. This one appeared in the stable branch this week with build 83.0.478.37, but has already been tested since last February by members of the insider program . A little more ambitious than Google’s game, it is a real arcade title inspired by SkiFree , a board game published in 1991, but on a surf background, with a kraken as an abominable snowman. . The idea is therefore to rush on the water in front of the beast “while avoiding the islands, other surfers and other obstacles” and trying to collect hearts and other bonuses.

A rather easy area to negotiate.  © Microsoft

A rather easy area to negotiate. © Microsoft

And we can say that Microsoft did not do things by halves. Far from being limited to entertainment thought to fill two minutes, the title offers several game modes: an endless mode, but also against the clock, slalom or the possibility of playing at reduced speed. In a good arcade game, new records are recorded so that the user can remember where he set the bar. The keyboard is also not the only way to play. The mouse, but also the joysticks are supported. And on this side, Microsoft was not sectarian: this includes the controllers of the Xbox range, but also PlayStation and Switch Pro .

Note that it is not necessary to wait for a network incident to try this game, or even turn off the Wi-Fi. Just type “edge: // surf” in the address bar of the Microsoft browser to be asked to choose a character… Ready? Surf! But watch out for the kraken!

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