Lab – We dismantled the Carrefour food processor, the Fagor Connect

The resemblance between Fagor Connect from Carrefour and Digicook Arthur Martin from Intermarché is such that one might think that robot cookers come straight from the same factory. We dismantled it to get to the bottom of it.

Since May 25, Fagor Connect has been officially available in Carrefour stores. We bought a model of this new robot-cooker that looks like it could be mistaken for the Digicook Arthur Martin from Intermarché, launched at the end of 2019 at the identical price of € 349.

In the game of the seven errors, anyone could confuse the two food processors; fortunately the manufacturers’ logos are labeled both on the engine block and on the 5 liter stainless steel bowl. Note also that the bowl of Fagor Connect is compatible with the Digicook engine block and vice versa. Everything therefore suggests that these two devices come from the same Chinese production lines, and to have a clear heart, we dismantled the two robot cookers.

Left: the engine block of the Arthur Martin Digicook from Intermarché.  Right: Carrefour's Fagor Connect.

Left: the engine block of the Arthur Martin Digicook from Intermarché. Right: Carrefour’s Fagor Connect.

Under their respective shells, the components are assembled in the same places and in the same way. Only the Fagor Connect engine does not have its hull allowing, from what we could see, to optimize the engine cooling. This would imply that the Carrefour robot’s engine would be more sensitive to overheating.

The accessories supplied with the robots are identical and therefore interchangeable.

Finally, the only thing that differs between these two devices is the interface that serves guided cooking. That of Fagor Connect seems better thought out since it incorporates a search bar to target recipes based on what you have in the fridge. As such, it should be noted that the recipes are also different, which is a good thing. The balance display is more legible than on the Digicook on which the superposition of the blue writing on a gray and white background does not facilitate deciphering. Will these subtleties allow the Carrefour robot to earn a star on the Intermarché Digicook? Response at the end of the week during the test.

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