Lab – The Miele Triflex HX1 Pro stick vacuum cleaner is short on breath

We opened the lab doors to Miele’s Triflex HX1 Pro , the multifaceted stick vacuum. True UFO in our comparison, this model incorporates a removable battery that we put to the test to start the festivities.

The confinement delayed the release of our test of the Miele Triflex HX1 Pro, which we expected as the messiah as its design is bold and unprecedented. In its configuration, the Triflex is unlike any other stick vacuum cleaner. Thus it combines the function of a hand vacuum cleaner with that of a conventional stick vacuum cleaner (motor, filters and collector placed just above the suction head) intended for soil maintenance, but also to that of a model in stick format whose center of gravity is located near the wrist.

If the concept of the modular vacuum cleaner is interesting and innovative, Miele should not be overlooked by everything that makes a good stick vacuum cleaner, namely optimal suction performance on several types of soil, filtration efficient, low noise level and long-term autonomy. It is precisely this last criterion that interests us today: what is the removable battery of the Triflex HX1 Pro worth for which Miele promises stable power throughout the 60 min of autonomy promised at the lowest suction power, and 17 min in intensive mode? The manufacturer says no more about how he obtained these durations: were the 60 min of autonomy obtained with the work of the motorized brush (which consumes more energy than



To find out, we carried out our own measurements. At the lowest power with the motorized brush running, Mieile’s stick vacuum cleaner ran out of steam after 35 min of suction. To reach one hour of suction with the motorized brush, it is therefore necessary to insert the second battery (provided that it is full). At intensive power, this Triflex lasts 18 min 35 s, which is much longer than the 7 min 45 s of the boost mode of the Dyson V11 Absolute . Finally, set to the intermediate suction mode and with the work of the motorized brush, the Triflex ran out of breath after 21 min 42 s. Note that a full recharge of the batteries requires 3 h 15 min, which is in line with the average of the other stick vacuums in our comparison.

The autonomy of the Triflex therefore blows hot and cold, because if we can deplore a low autonomy at minimum power, that of the “intensive” mode exceeds all our expectations. But as everyone knows, we use this mode occasionally since it is recommended for vacuuming thick carpets and long pile carpets. We could excuse the limited autonomy of the Triflex, provided that the suction performance is satisfactory when the Triflex is at the minimum power level. Obviously, we will not fail to clarify this point during the full test of the HX1 Pro from Miele, online on Tuesday, June 2.

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