What if Microsoft released its Surface Book 3 hybrid PC …

Surface Book 3 was among those absent from the last major conference from Microsoft. However, some data leaked on the Internet suggests that new versions of the hybrid PC are well in preparation.

Last October, Microsoft announced a number of Surface products at its conference dedicated to this range. The firm had notably lifted the veil on the Surface Neo and Duo, two new portable devices built around a double screen. However, no news from the Surface Book, the latest version of which now dates back almost two years, if we refer to its launch date. The Surface Book 2 thus has many qualities, but with a processor and a graphics circuit which begins to show the weight of the years, it becomes difficult to justify its price still so high

Version 2 of the Surface Book.

It is in this context that the rumor of the day (because it is indeed a rumor) is interesting: a Twitter user ( @_rogame )thus put together two specification tables from the 3Dmark software, which would concern two Microsoft products, and which refer to 10th generation Ice Lake processors on the Intel side, and Turing graphics circuits on the Nvidia side. Knowing that within the Microsoft Surface ranges, only the Surface Books embed dedicated GPUs, the merger with the third generation of these products makes sense. The combinations of components are also quite credible: the i7-1065G7 / GTX 1650 Max-Q couple has already proven itself during our test of the Razer Blade Stealth and therefore sticks perfectly to the specifications of a 13-inch model. The duo i7-1065G7 / GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q seems more compatible with a larger format, on 14 or 15 inches.

Anyway, we’d be curious to see such products hit the market and see how Microsoft engineers succeeded this time in integrating these power elements into such a special chassis. Recall that the Surface Book is defined as a two-in-one laptop, capable of turning into a tablet, with the difference that the keyboard part does not fold behind the screen. She stands out. It is this element that contains part of the electronics, the GPU in particular.

Given the nature of its information, it is impossible to assume an announcement date or a price, although the expression “surely very expensive” comes to mind on this last point, if we consider the positioning of Surface Book already launched


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