The Proscenic M7 Pro, like the iRobot Roomba i7 +, will carry a suction base

Proscenic will soon market a new robot vacuum cleaner, the M7 Pro. Like the iRobot Roomba i7 +, this new version will have a charging base capable of vacuuming the device’s collector.

Proscenic is a brand well known for its vacuum cleaners at low prices. And this M7 Pro, the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer, should not derogate from this policy since it will probably be offered under the 400 € mark. At this price, we will be entitled to a robotic vacuum cleaner provided with a laser rangefinder which should be used to optimize its navigation. In addition, a series of sensors should enable it to understand obstacles. Connected to the home Wi-Fi network, the M7 Pro would be able to provide a map of its environment after a cleaning cycle on the dedicated application. In fact, the user will see at a glance the areas abandoned by the vacuum cleaner. The app should also allow the creation of virtual tags to prevent the robot from

Several cleaning modes will be available, including a silent, automatic and max mode, to which will be added a surface recognition mode. The M7 Pro should, therefore, adapt its suction power according to the surface on which it will be located. Only 7.6 cm high (according to the datasheet), the M7 Pro is not very high and should easily pass under the lowest furniture. Its autonomy is estimated at 1 h 40 min (without us knowing which mode we owe this “short duration”). Most of the robot vacuums in our comparison are capable of running out of steam after 2 hours of cleaning. Its charging time is very long, as announced 5 hours.

Finally, the M7 Pro intends to play the card of versatility since it is equipped with a washing function by integrating a water tank and a location to accommodate a mop. As provided by iRobot’s Roomba i7 +, the charging base for this M7 Pro should automatically vacuum the device’s collector; a comfortable function that limits the maintenance of the robot.

The suction performance of the new Proscenic flagship, which will be available on February 8, 2020, will have to be evaluated.

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