Samsung and Huawei share 73% of 5G smartphone sales in 2019

5G is on the rise. Deliveries of smartphones compatible with the new network exceed the forecasts of the analysis firm Strategy Analytics. A success carried by Samsung and Huawei.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: the first commercial 5G smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: the first commercial 5G smartphone.

From zero to eighteen million in one year. Worn by Samsung and Huawei, 5G mobiles are gradually starting to take their place in the unforgiving world of smartphones. According to a report by the analysis firm Strategy Analytics“worldwide deliveries of 5G smartphones rose from zero in 2018 to 18.7 million units in 2019”. Results which are concentrated almost exclusively in China but which still manage to exceed the firm’s predictions.

Huawei, Samsung and the rest

Together, Samsung and Huawei accounted for 73% of total 5G smartphone deliveries. It is the Chinese who take the lead with 6.9 million units distributed during 2019, representing 36.9% of the market share. Success concentrated mainly on its own Huawei lands, which has been particularly penalized since the American embargo . In its rearview mirror, Samsung is close behind with 6.7 million units and 35.8% market share. According to Strategy Analytics, chaebol is proving to be the most international company for 5G, delivering smartphones to South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. Behind, the competition seems far away from Vivo and its 2 million smartphones (10.7%), Xiaomi (1.2 million, 6.4%) or LG (0.9 million, 4.8%).

The analyst firm notes that demand is higher than expected. “Fierce competition from suppliers in China and heavy subsidies from operators in South Korea have been the main drivers,” says Ken Hyers, a director of Strategy Analytics. Other regions, such as the United States and “Europe is lagging behind Asia, but we expect them to close the gap later this year.” France and the other European countries should deploy their 5G networks in the spring of 2020. What further amplify the success of 5G smartphones. However, we remain in our positions and we still advise you to

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