Lime electric scooters sneak when riding on sidewalks

Lime, the self-service scooter company, has developed an algorithm (currently under test) to detect scooters using sidewalks and alert users of the potential danger. Strongly in France!

Taking an important part in new urban mobility, self-service electric scooters in large cities allow you to move quickly and complete the “last kilometer”, according to the established formula.

But since the appearance of these machines, the discontent rises among pedestrians who accuse the users of scooters to borrow improperly – and dangerously – their sidewalks. As a result, we no longer count injuries linked to telescoping between pedestrians and scooters, sometimes with dramatic situations.

To put an end to these dangerous situations, the self-service scooter company Lime has developed a program capable of detecting any traffic on the sidewalks. Thanks to the speed and accelerometer data milled in an artificial intelligence algorithm, Lime is able to say 95% that one of his scooters rides on a sidewalk rather than on the road.

If more than 50% of the journey was made on the sidewalks, the user will receive a notification. Thereafter, the start-up wishes to send a photo including the journey made on the sidewalk.

© Lime

© Lime

Currently, this pilot detection program is in the testing phase in partnership with the city of San José (California). All the data collected will be used to better understand when and on which sidewalks scooters circulate. Based on these results, the city of San José will make improvements to road infrastructure with the reinforcement or creation of secure cycle paths.

In France, the government has amended the Highway Code to include these new personal transportation devices (EDP). Among the many measures, including speeding (fine of € 1,500 to 3,000), traffic on the sidewalks is now prohibited under penalty of a fine of € 35.

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