Google Home: a new problematic update for the smart speaker

ast year, an unfortunate update made many Google Home or Google Home Mini completely unusable . We thought it was in the past, but, according to Android Police , the problem is back.

In 2019, Google launched an update that resulted in the obsolescence of some Google Home and Google Home Mini voice speakers . Fortunately, at the time, the devices had been exchanged by the American giant.

According to our colleagues from Android Police, the problem arises again on a new update available on the Preview program . As a reminder, the latter allows volunteers to take advantage of new features on their assistant in preview.

This time, the problem apparently only affects Google Home slanted at the top and only affects the version of the Preview program. However, all updates available on the latter will normally be the same as for the general public.

Will the mishaps experienced by users of the Preview program have a wider impact once the update is launched on all Google assistants? And will Google learn from the previous episode?

One more pan for Google Home

This new blunder falls badly for Google Home which accumulates the pans for a few months. Like the revelations of last summer on the listening of conversations between the user and the assistant in order to analyze the quality of the responses of the device.

security flaw was also revealed last November. The assistants could thus be hacked and controlled with a simple laser.

Last black point in date, the complaint for theft of patents filed by Sonos concerning these vocal speakers.

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