Facebook finally launches its tool to (almost) stop being tracked on the web

In its great leniency, Facebook has launched a tool allowing internet users to limit the tracking it operates across the web. This announcement is in line with the position for the protection of privacy that the company is trying to strengthen

While Facebook never stops struggling with privacy scandals, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has just made an announcement that should appease the approximately 2 billion users of the site. A tool will now be made available to limit advertising targeting.

Announced almost two years ago, just after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the tool ” Your activity outside of Facebook“allows you to see third-party sites and applications that share data with the social network. Because yes, many services resell their data to Facebook without necessarily clearly informing users.

Too intrusive sites

No even need to be connected via Facebook to the sites in question, the web is full of little cookies that will allow web pages to link your browsing history to your Facebook profile. In our case, no less than 231 apps and websites share our personal information with the American ogre, in order to allow it to serve targeted advertising or to “personalize your experience” , such as explains Facebook.

It is therefore to calm the game around this data fair, which is much less accepted today, that Facebook has made this tool available. Concretely, the tool allows you to prevent a particular service from sharing your data with Facebook, or outright to prohibit all sites and applications in the future from sharing your personal data with the company. Only small problem, as Facebook indicates, the site will continue to receive “your activity on the companies or organizations you visit” , but the information will simply no longer be linked to your account and will be used “for measurement purposes and to make improvements to our system . 

The end of tracking?

It is also possible to erase all the history collected by Facebook to start from scratch. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – an Internet freedom protection INGO located in San Francisco, California – welcomed the initiativewhile stressing that this solution did not represent the alpha and omega of privacy. First of all because “most users will not go into their settings” to disable all of these tracking tools.

But that’s not all, the association also explains that the controversial possibility of targeting Internet users according to very precise criteria of age, religion or membership of a political group for example, is still there. Even if this tool called “Personal Audience” was already under fire by critics in 2017 for having allowed to target “people who hate Jews” . It is therefore necessary to take a step back on these announcements.

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