Google To Delete Files From Inactive Accounts After 2 Years

Google will delete your files if you remain inactive for 24 months.

Google has just announced an update to its storage policy for its Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos services. As of June 1, 2021, if you are inactive on one or more services for two years, your files may be deleted by Google.

The digital giant says this also applies to users who exceed the storage limit for two years. Google will reserve the right to remove content from their Gmail, Drive, and Photos accounts to free up space. You can take stock of your account storage with Google’s dedicated tool.

Warnings were sent before any removal.

Google will not delete files without alerting you to the inactivity issue. You will receive emails and notifications at least three months before files are deleted. You will have the option to avoid this deletion by merely making yourself active on the affected Google products.

Namely: If you are inactive only on Google Drive but active on Gmail or Google Photos, Google will remove only content from the Drive app but not from other products.

How To Be Active?

Google recommends regularly visiting Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive via a web browser or the official product app. If you have multiple accounts on your smartphone, you’ll need to make sure you use each account’s services because Google refers to account activity and not device activity.

Why does Google decide to tackle inactive accounts?

Google explains that more and more users are downloading content on Gmail, Drive, and Photos. To meet this growing need, Google is obliged to add these new rules.

More than 4.3 million GB are added every day in Gmail, Drive, and Photos, Google says.

In the same vein, Google is also taking action on Google Photos and indicates the end of free unlimited storage from June 1, 2021.

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