Beach wedding: 7 tips for a perfect waterfront “yes, want”

Does the perfect wedding exist? Of course! It’s all about the priorities that the bride and groom have, the care they put into every detail, but above all, of the organization. Planning a marriage liaison is complex. It takes patience so that thoughts of love do not vanish and objectivity to choose the wedding centerpieces that best go with your celebration style. If added to this that the couple wants to get married on the beach, the effort must be more significant, if you do not live in this destination, of course. For this reason, we share these tips that will help you have the wedding you dreamed of since you had the engagement ring in your hands, or even before. Ready? Let’s take note!

1: Accessibility

One of the first things to consider for a couple who want to get married on the beach is accessibility. Not only to carry out the celebration in this space but for the arrival of your family and friends to the place where the ceremony will be and the lodging and services during your stay, if necessary.

Before defining the texts for wedding invitations, make sure that it is a place where weddings can be held and have all the corresponding permissions. If it is a destination wedding, you also need to confirm that the distance between the airport and its location is prudent and the road in your case.

2: Make comparisons

Before signing a contract with any wedding location, be sure to compare three options that offer a similar service. In this way, they will discover the added value of each and which has the best proposal not only in price but in quality, personalized attention, and additional services.

Ask if they have insurance, the chances that they are their banquet providers, or work with packages that include the wedding candy table and even the décor. Value how viable it is to hire everything you need in one place. If it is a hotel, they can negotiate even their guests’ stay, as it is often cheaper.

3: Space privacy

One of the aspects that you should evaluate when you are looking for your wedding location is how private space is, especially if your options are the facilities of a hotel. If you don’t want to become the center of all eyes, make sure the area is separated, and the passage to other guests will be restricted. This will ensure better control and, above all, an intimate atmosphere.

4: Custom decoration

Whether you’re in charge of the wedding organization or a wedding planner, centralize the concept from scratch to choose the ceremony’s theme. Also, take into account the season in which you will marry to select the place’s decoration.

They can create a natural and romantic atmosphere with pastel or seasonal colors. Unify the tablecloth’s shades with the decoration of the candy bar or with other elements that stand out. Do you prefer contrasts? It can also work very well! Choose heat-resistant wedding flowers and leaves that highlight the color of these. Suppose you want to make a more contemporary than romantic look. In that case, you can replace the flowers with simple wedding center centers designed with other types of elements, such as candles or some composition with seasonal fruits.

If you want to place an altar, dance floor, palapa, walking boards, or any other structure, don’t forget to investigate whether this modification can be made on-site before ordering it from your provider. Measure the times so that the installation is not done at the last minute. They will not be screwing when their guests start arriving.

5: Fresh banquet

No matter what time of year they get married, if they choose to do so on the beach, it is best to offer their guests a banquet that reflects their personality with fresh ingredients. They can range from elaborate gourmet dishes, such as prawns in their different preparations, to more straightforward options such as ceviches or light dishes suitable for the weather. That does not melt or are a total disaster due to the heat.

Do not forget to accompany the banquet and other moments of the celebration with moisturizing drinks with or without alcohol. A dessert bar that includes snow or ice popsicles, as well as a cake decorated with tropical fruits, can’t be missed.

6: Useful memories

Suppose it’s among your plans to give back memories for useful weddings, bingo! Your guests will appreciate it. Opt for hats, sunglasses, sandals, some steamy garment, or a personal care kit to protect yourself from the sun.

7: Perfect stylings

Don’t forget this detail! As a hostess, you’ll want to enjoy the party and be super comfortable in a short or long wedding dress. You’d better choose fresh, very light fabrics for your design. You can achieve an exquisite concept by looking for outfits with applications in rhinestones and other elements. The purpose is to make you feel satisfied and identify with the idea. The same for the wedding dress, fabrics such as linen and cotton are the most appropriate for celebrating the beach.

What about hairstyles and makeup? They should be careful with the type of products they choose, prefer those that protect them from the sun, and are long-lasting. Do not hesitate to hire a professional so that day they look as they have always dreamed, and the sun does not ruin their look.

Don’t forget to ask in time about the paperwork to carry out your religious and civil ceremony. Once they gather their documentation, they will be able to concentrate on the choice of wedding dress and other styling details according to the beach climate. They also consider that these destinations’ temperatures can cause the flowers in their bridal bouquet to wither fast, so it is essential to choose sun-resistant species.

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