How Artificial intelligence Is Being Used In 5 Major Industries

How is AI used in industry, cybersecurity, commerce, or healthcare? Lara Rouyres, founder and CEO of, presents five examples of France’s applications as an AI event. We interviewed Lara Rouyres, founder and CEO of, and a board member of France Digitale, which presents examples of the use of artificial intelligence in the industry, […]

The 10 best apps to learn English

Why invest in language courses when free mobile apps can make you a perfect use of the English language? Learning a new language is a rewarding process that requires a certain amount of seriousness. Whatever the reason you want to learn English, whether it’s for a possible trip to London or Washington, Dublin or Belfast, […]

Top 5 Family Activities In New Zealand

If you decide to take your family on vacation around the world, why not choose New Zealand?  Many hotels, campsites, or other types of accommodation are suitable for receiving families, even large ones, and it is also the ideal destination for a motorhome trip with children. But above all, you won’t risk getting bored! New Zealand full […]

Top 10 Exceptional Lodges In New Zealand

During your trip to New Zealand, why not treat yourself to the luxury of staying in the most beautiful lodges in the heart of the natural treasures of this country at the end of the world? Our experts have listed the exceptional clubs in New Zealand for you. Whether for a stay of one night or more, make your trip a […]

Where To Stay In Auckland, New Zealand | Guide For 2020 And 2021

This is the guide for where to stay in Auckland for 2020 and 2021. Best cheap hotels in Auckland If you need an affordable hotel in Auckland, Alpers Lodge & Conference Center offers cheap rooms at € 65 per night. Auckland visitors interested in budget accommodation can book a stay at the Albion Of Auckland, just a 5-minute walk from […]

Auckland Hotels FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Auckland

How much does it cost to stay at the hotel in Auckland? Of course, hotel prices in Auckland change depending on the season, but on average 3-star hotels cost € 110 a night and 4-star hotels € 133 a night. If you are looking for something extraordinary, you can find a 5-star hotel for € […]

Samyang AF 35mm f/1.8 FE: An Inexpensive Wide-Angle Lens For Full-Frame Hybrids

Samyang adds one more wide-angle to its “Tiny Series” collection. So make way for the AF 35mm f / 1.8 FE, a fixed focal length for full-frame hybrids, which mainly stands out for its compactness, autofocus, and price of € 399. As its name suggests, Samyang’s “Tiny Series” collection is designed to offer compact optics while […]

Kobold draws inspiration from the success of the Thermomix for its multifunction vacuum cleaner

With its multifunction cordless vacuum cleaner, Kobold wants to revolutionize the floor care sector, as the Vorwerk group has done in the robot-cooker market with the Thermomix, signs a very versatile product. With its multifunction vacuum cleaner, Kobold probably wanted to take advantage of the excellent suction performance of its VB100, launched in 2019, by combining them […]