Beach wedding: 7 tips for a perfect waterfront “yes, want”

Does the perfect wedding exist? Of course! It’s all about the priorities that the bride and groom have, the care they put into every detail, but above all, of the organization. Planning a marriage liaison is complex. It takes patience so that thoughts of love do not vanish and objectivity to choose the wedding centerpieces […]

13 Wonderful Places For Original And Unrepeatable Weddings

Just as the engagement ring’s delivery requires a moment and a special place for the couple, not to mention their wedding day, while a thorough search for wedding dresses and sophisticated outfits always suits you, wedding preparations must necessarily start with choosing where you will get married. Choosing an impact location will not only generate […]

Openclassrooms Review In 2021: Number 1 In France

Open classrooms, formerly Site so Zero, is a MOOC platform based in France. The site has made a place for itself in MOOC’s world thanks to the quality of the courses offered there. It is in collaboration with universities, vocational training institutions, and large companies. Its offer of distance courses centered on the world of computer science attracts […]

Coursera In 2021: Full Review

Online courses are becoming more and more privileged. For some, it is a way to learn without going through classical and academic times. For others, they allow escaping the exorbitant costs of universities. In the last ten years, MOOC has become popular. MOOC (Massive Opening Online Courses in English) are virtual courses that attract millions […]

Visiting New Zealand: What to see? What do I do?

New Zealand has beautiful places to discover, but above all, fun or sporting activities to do. Unfortunately, I could not test everything; I regret somewhat not having been able to do a parachute or bungee jump in the country or remember that bungee jumping was born! There is no shortage of thrill-seekers in this country, […]

Comparison Of Udemy, OpenClassroom And Coursera

Distance training has taken on a new form and is now more accessible. Self-help, self-control, and perseverance are three main criteria required to learn on a MOOC. The MOOC’s success is not only due to its free or cheaper cost than traditional distance courses and university courses. Learners mostly favor it because the classes are […]

Pandemic Effect: 23% Decrease In Advertising Revenue In Q3

Advertising revenues for all media reached 4.532 billion euros in the third quarter of 2020, down 23.3% year-on-year (compared to -1.6% in September 2019), according to the unified advertising market barometer (BUMP) published by France Bump Pub, Irep, and Kantar. These figures include television, film, radio, press, outdoor advertising, advertising, and digital revenues. As of […]

Google To Delete Files From Inactive Accounts After 2 Years

Google will delete your files if you remain inactive for 24 months. Google has just announced an update to its storage policy for its Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos services. As of June 1, 2021, if you are inactive on one or more services for two years, your files may be deleted by Google. […]