13 Wonderful Places For Original And Unrepeatable Weddings

Just as the engagement ring’s delivery requires a moment and a special place for the couple, not to mention their wedding day, while a thorough search for wedding dresses and sophisticated outfits always suits you, wedding preparations must necessarily start with choosing where you will get married. Choosing an impact location will not only generate surprise when they deliver wedding invitations. It will also give them ideas to keep preparing unexpected moments for their loved ones on the big day. Where’s the wedding going to be?

Closed or open place? For many guests or an intimate wedding? Easily accessible or shrouded in mystery? Will you be given a tight budget, or are you willing to disburse a little more for a special place? Value all these questions when choosing the best scenario for “yes, I accept.” And now, yes, let him blow his imagination.

1: A forest

As it is a cheerful, romantic, and simple environment, a wedding in a forest and nature around it will be beautiful and different.

The forest will lend to find an organic and wild decoration that symbolizes feelings and emotions. Wedding flowers will integrate seamlessly and will subtly accompany both a ceremony and an outdoor reception (or covered with tents, if they prefer to take more shelter).

Do you find the four elements inspiring? Land, water, air, and fire represented by candles or campfires will attract prosperity to marriage and give fluidity to the energies present. It will be an unparalleled ceremony!

Choosing the forest as a stage can frame an intimate day ceremony that will be illuminated by the sun or, at night, by the stars’ magical light and the moon. In any case, adapt it with sure amenities to make it comfortable, safe, and accessible.

2: A vineyard

Mexico is home to many vineyards that, in addition to offering them an exquisite visit to the local viniculture or an excellent sparkling wine for their bridal toast, provide services to organize weddings in a half natural and half industrial environment.

The vine-filled fields will be part of the stage, and you can create a boho, country, or rustic wedding. And don’t dismiss your photogenic: canvas full of barrels will lend the same for the decoration of every corner and recite romantic thoughts of love to the bride.

It is also a charismatic location for a destination wedding. In case the vineyard has accommodation, take advantage of it. Guests will be delighted by the beautiful wedding and the natural surroundings that will host them during their stay. Ask for experience packages that include tours, tastings, and even an excursion to the surrounding area.

3: A former factory

Similarly, in an old factory or a wine cellar, you can achieve a wedding in style. The main advantages of industrial spaces are their high ceilings and their versatility to be transformed with just a few details.

Day or night, long prom dresses will look in all their splendor. And imagine the pleasure of customizing the bare walls of an old factory or the suggestive contrast of making your way with a princess cut wedding dress between tools and machines that were no longer used a few decades ago.

4: A bullring

Bullrings, attractive charros canvases, and even football stadiums or golf courses can be the impact location you want for your wedding. The place will depend on your taste and the atmosphere you want to give yourself the “yes.”

Whether you opt for a canvas or a square, Mexican style, local traditions, vibrant music, charros attire, and typical cuisine will adapt perfectly. Instead, a stadium or golf course’s sportier atmosphere may offer you other amenities and more eclectic exclusivity.

5: A historic construction

The buildings we find in an archaeological site, a Magical Village, a city, or a country lend themselves incredibly to celebrating a wedding. From ancient ruins to enormous palaces, mystical museums, ex-conventos, or impressive structures are attractive and unusual options.

All you will have to investigate are the requirements, permits, and limitations of celebrating the celebration and asking what your experience is receiving weddings.

6: A Hacienda

These colonial buildings offer you much more than a roof to shelter your wedding. The shades of the trees, the vintage touch of the wooden benches, the native vegetation within its simple wedding center centers, and, if you wish, farm animals await you in your celebration within a hacienda.

Outdoor weddings are becoming more common, and its attractive assembly offers very picturesque weddings. The great advantage of these is that they have accommodation for some or all of their guests and beautiful facilities equipped with any theme.

7: A Seaside Hotel

Goodbye, city! Hello, the beach! Stay away from traffic and routine. Let yourself be intoxicated by the swing of the waves and seek inspiration in the sun, sea, and sand to develop your wedding from start to finish. With the amenities that hotels with access to the beach will provide, success is guaranteed.

The beach is lovely! And that this is the set to carry out the marriage liaison will make it even more special. The outdoors will allow them to organize both a formal wedding with tulips and orchids at the altar and a more relaxed one with wildflowers in the natural bridal bouquet.

8: A Ship

And if the seaside still inspires you to take on new horizons, have a wedding onboard. The most waiting day of their lives can be celebrated on a yacht, catamaran, ferry, or private cruise. If you are looking to share your joy with friends, family, and the marine world, the perfect place for you is a super-unusual means of shipping!

Choose the boat according to the number of guests and the available budget. And prepare yourselves, because it is not a preciseness financial service.

If the quotes are triggered but do not want to give up the boats’ adventurous spirit, they can choose it only for a moment of celebration. For example, take your guests from the mainland to the island where your ceremony will be or serve a welcome cocktail before the banquet.

Den or no continuity to the marine world’s characteristic symbols, the ornament of its floral wedding arrangements can more obviously or more subtly integrate anchors, star sea stars, shells, and pearls. Dark colors close to white, chandeliers, and live music will be well received.

9: A Roof

We all imagine a rooftop meeting to celebrate a birthday or organize a romantic surprise to deliver the Tiffany engagement ring. But what if the roof is the place to celebrate a wedding?

This site is ideal for urban couples who crave to have a sophisticated, romantic, and dazzling wedding. The paronymic view will be breathtaking!

Try to find a place surrounded by important monuments or beautiful structures, as these will be part of the decoration. Lighting, petal paths, a glamorous toast, and an exquisite feast will open everyone the curiosity to try the elegant wedding cake chosen for the occasion.

10: A Casino

A casino is a space full of fun and elegance. Abandon that idea of having a makeshift wedding and something kitsch in Las Vegas as we’ve seen in so many movies, as a casino can be a perfect place to plan a wedding of great glamour.

If you’re wondering where it’s going to look best to complement your mermaid cut wedding dress with gloves up to your elbow, a casino is an answer. Also, to walk down the altar with an intense and passionate red bridal bouquet, luminous makeup, and a collected hairstyle held with shiny pieces. Very attractive.

A casino is an unusual place very seductive to celebrate a wedding. Much more than fun and games, it will be an exciting celebration where chips, dice, bets, and, above all, the bright and handsome atmosphere will design a very sophisticated wedding.

The décor in white, black, red, and gold will convey the fun couple they are. Even for couples who love fantasy tales like Alice in Wonderland is a good location. They’ll be the feeling!

11: A 100% Natural Landscape

They may link this point to the beach, gardens, or haciendas, but open their horizons because outdoor weddings can also be performed in cenotes, deserts, caves, waterfalls, and waterfalls.

The appeal of choosing one of these sites is that the celebrations will be more relaxed and joyful. The freshness, light, and natural environment will be adapted to develop elegant weddings. Now, have well-controlled environmental conditions such as humidity, sun rays, or heat. This charismatic location does not become a nightmare for the hairstyles and evening dresses 2019 of their guests.

12: In A House

The homely heat will bring affection to the ceremony. Nothing is more meaningful and memorable than organizing the wedding at home: the ceremony will be intimate and unique. Only the most important people close to you will come.

The first thing you will need to analyze is whether you have the capacity and amenities to welcome all your guests. Please note that facilities can be rented, such as furniture, industrial kitchens, and portable toilets.

If it is in the home of any of your families, add to the decoration photos that tell both families’ stories and not just one. And if it will be in your home, this wedding party will give extra value to the house where you will live, which will be imbued with unforgettable memories.

13: In A Secret Place!

Memorable weddings are characterized by being emotional and fun. The place will be a secret to all guests. Perhaps within the original wedding invitations, you can pass them a riddle to guess where the wedding will be. Will they find out?

They can provide clues to their guests as the date approaches or summon them to a place they will pick them up. What a mystery!

These sites lend themselves to taste with all the senses the most delicious wedding cakes. Despite being rare, make sure you have comfortable furniture, well-defined spaces, and romantic décor. If it helps, good wedding memories also serve to make your wedding an even more memorable event. And if you’ll be more classic when choosing a venue for your wedding, you have the option to take advantage of one of the photoshoots in the place you like best. To make your dream cool come true!


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