Wedding venues in Auckland, The Wharf

No doubt, Auckland is the best and beautiful city in New Zealand. In addition, yes, when we talk about wedding venues in Auckland, we have different options with different services and functions.

However, no one can complete “The Wharf” in them. It is beautiful and stunning with breathtaking views and provides excellent services to make your big day perfect and according to your dream and desires. This beautiful and romantic place is the best venue to tie the knot and to express your love, respect and gratitude to your partner.

Amazing views:

The magnificent and magical Waitemata Harbour waters surround the Wharf. You can enjoy the views of the harbour and city skyline from The Wharf in the daylight and at night, you can mesmerize by the twinkling lights of the city.  These backdrop scenes will make your wedding a special one for you and for the guests, as it will add more value to its beauty. It will also make your wedding photo shoot an exceptional shoot with natural beautiful background.

Event places:

The Wharf has very elegant and romantic spaces to arrange the wedding. Grand View, Harbour Lounge, Harbour Terrace and The Pearl are the places; you can choose one for your wedding.

Grand View:

The Grand View is the beautiful room covered by the amazing views of the city and the waters of the harbour. It is built in a circular shape with the ceiling glass for enjoying the breathtaking views. It can host 180 persons but if you are doing a cocktail party, it can entertain around 350 persons.

Harbour Lounge:

The Harbour Lounge provides you with an idea and dream space for a wedding at the waterside. It is a very sophisticated and beautiful place at the heart of the Wharf. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and harbour from its terrace while enjoying the wedding.

Harbour Terrace:

Harbour Terrace is a beautiful outdoor location for the wedding. It has two access points for the guests to come and leave. This place is a masterpiece with the natural views of the city and the harbour.

The Pearl:

The Pearl is also a place beautifully circularly build with astonishing views of harbour, coastline and native trees.

Wedding planners:

The Wharf has an amazing and professional team of wedding planners. They know the importance of this day in your life and that is why they sit with you and understand your ideas and try to understand what you are expecting from them. They work really hard even on the small details of the decoration and make it the greatest event of your life. From decorating the wedding venue to catering to entertainment, to the dance floor, the planning team manages everything professionally and strong headedly.


No event can be complete without the food. Thus, The Wharf provides you with quality food and the menu is totally related to your theme. They have an excellent menu and they work with the collaboration of the event planners to avoid any trouble. The expert chefs cooked the food by using the local ingredients and seasonal dishes and presented in an excellent and presentable manner.