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Best jewelry stores for your wedding ring

Blue Nile (Blue Nile)

The Blue Nile stands as the largest diamond retailer on the Internet. The company is in its tenth year of business and offers several key advantages: free shipping, a 30-day warranty, and certified diamonds to buyers. As for bridal rings, the company specializes in engagement rings and also carries a large inventory of men’s and women’s wedding rings, three-stone wedding rings, and women’s diamond wedding rings. The only downside? Since there are no physical store locations, you’ll have to order your rings online without seeing them first.

Kay Jewelers (Kay Jewelers)

Kay Jewelers has been in business since 1916, giving the company the advantage of hiring only the most experienced and knowledgeable staff. They operate in more than 900 stores in the United States and offer a lifetime warranty on all diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and wedding.


While wedding rings don’t initially come to mind when you think about Overstock.com, many couples have saved money on their dream rings through the company’s website. Many of Overstock’s bridal rings are discounted from 65% to 80% of suggested retail prices, meaning they can be enjoyed from the most extensive, best calls for a much lower price.


If the price is of significant concern to you and your future spouse, check out Goldspeed.com. There are wedding rings and engagement offered through this online discount retail jewelry available for any budget and worried about the quality of jewelry at such a low cost? Goldspeed provides 30 days warranty. Then you will be able to return your jewelry for a full refund. If you are not happy, make sure you order long enough before your wedding to be sure.


Since 1924, Zales brings a strong sense of customer service to the hunt for your perfect bridal rings in the business. Most essential centers in the United States have a Zales store, and the company also maintains its inventory for online purchases.


We have all the ads seen in “he went to Jared.” Well, we’re that guy: go to Jared, and you can only discover that it’s all this fuss, especially if you’re in the custom ring design market. Jared also offers exceptional diamonds, such as Leo diamond and heart desire.

Tiffany & Co.

Engagement rings are almost synonymous with Tiffany & Co., but the world-famous diamond retailer also offers a wide selection of wedding rings. Although you’re unlikely to find anything under $1,000 here, chances are you’re guaranteeing some of the most beautiful scenery and diamonds on the market.


When your wedding asks for world-class ring boutiques, insist on nothing less than Cartier. The French jeweler has been in business since 1847 and offers some of the most impressive–and most expensive– bridal ring sets in the world.


Unlike most other jewelry vendors on the list, Verragio specializes almost exclusively in bridal rings. Shop online or visit boutique stores located around the country. Because the primary market of Verragio is the engagement and wedding rings, rest a day sure that the staff will have the answers to all your questions.

Mall Department Stores–Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney, etc. (Shopping Center Warehouses–of Dillard, JCPenney, Macy, etc.)

While this is the most generic offer on our list, it can be handy if you’re looking to save some money while you can find the perfect bridal rings. Take a stroll around your local mall and visit some of the jewelry counters at the listed warehouses. At the same time, you can’t find vendors with enough knowledge like other jewelers.

Beach wedding: 7 tips for a perfect waterfront “yes, want”

Does the perfect wedding exist? Of course! It’s all about the priorities that the bride and groom have, the care they put into every detail, but above all, of the organization. Planning a marriage liaison is complex. It takes patience so that thoughts of love do not vanish and objectivity to choose the wedding centerpieces that best go with your celebration style. If added to this that the couple wants to get married on the beach, the effort must be more significant, if you do not live in this destination, of course. For this reason, we share these tips that will help you have the wedding you dreamed of since you had the engagement ring in your hands, or even before. Ready? Let’s take note!

1: Accessibility

One of the first things to consider for a couple who want to get married on the beach is accessibility. Not only to carry out the celebration in this space but for the arrival of your family and friends to the place where the ceremony will be and the lodging and services during your stay, if necessary.

Before defining the texts for wedding invitations, make sure that it is a place where weddings can be held and have all the corresponding permissions. If it is a destination wedding, you also need to confirm that the distance between the airport and its location is prudent and the road in your case.

2: Make comparisons

Before signing a contract with any wedding location, be sure to compare three options that offer a similar service. In this way, they will discover the added value of each and which has the best proposal not only in price but in quality, personalized attention, and additional services.

Ask if they have insurance, the chances that they are their banquet providers, or work with packages that include the wedding candy table and even the décor. Value how viable it is to hire everything you need in one place. If it is a hotel, they can negotiate even their guests’ stay, as it is often cheaper.

3: Space privacy

One of the aspects that you should evaluate when you are looking for your wedding location is how private space is, especially if your options are the facilities of a hotel. If you don’t want to become the center of all eyes, make sure the area is separated, and the passage to other guests will be restricted. This will ensure better control and, above all, an intimate atmosphere.

4: Custom decoration

Whether you’re in charge of the wedding organization or a wedding planner, centralize the concept from scratch to choose the ceremony’s theme. Also, take into account the season in which you will marry to select the place’s decoration.

They can create a natural and romantic atmosphere with pastel or seasonal colors. Unify the tablecloth’s shades with the decoration of the candy bar or with other elements that stand out. Do you prefer contrasts? It can also work very well! Choose heat-resistant wedding flowers and leaves that highlight the color of these. Suppose you want to make a more contemporary than romantic look. In that case, you can replace the flowers with simple wedding center centers designed with other types of elements, such as candles or some composition with seasonal fruits.

If you want to place an altar, dance floor, palapa, walking boards, or any other structure, don’t forget to investigate whether this modification can be made on-site before ordering it from your provider. Measure the times so that the installation is not done at the last minute. They will not be screwing when their guests start arriving.

5: Fresh banquet

No matter what time of year they get married, if they choose to do so on the beach, it is best to offer their guests a banquet that reflects their personality with fresh ingredients. They can range from elaborate gourmet dishes, such as prawns in their different preparations, to more straightforward options such as ceviches or light dishes suitable for the weather. That does not melt or are a total disaster due to the heat.

Do not forget to accompany the banquet and other moments of the celebration with moisturizing drinks with or without alcohol. A dessert bar that includes snow or ice popsicles, as well as a cake decorated with tropical fruits, can’t be missed.

6: Useful memories

Suppose it’s among your plans to give back memories for useful weddings, bingo! Your guests will appreciate it. Opt for hats, sunglasses, sandals, some steamy garment, or a personal care kit to protect yourself from the sun.

7: Perfect stylings

Don’t forget this detail! As a hostess, you’ll want to enjoy the party and be super comfortable in a short or long wedding dress. You’d better choose fresh, very light fabrics for your design. You can achieve an exquisite concept by looking for outfits with applications in rhinestones and other elements. The purpose is to make you feel satisfied and identify with the idea. The same for the wedding dress, fabrics such as linen and cotton are the most appropriate for celebrating the beach.

What about hairstyles and makeup? They should be careful with the type of products they choose, prefer those that protect them from the sun, and are long-lasting. Do not hesitate to hire a professional so that day they look as they have always dreamed, and the sun does not ruin their look.

Don’t forget to ask in time about the paperwork to carry out your religious and civil ceremony. Once they gather their documentation, they will be able to concentrate on the choice of wedding dress and other styling details according to the beach climate. They also consider that these destinations’ temperatures can cause the flowers in their bridal bouquet to wither fast, so it is essential to choose sun-resistant species.

13 Wonderful Places For Original And Unrepeatable Weddings

Just as the engagement ring’s delivery requires a moment and a special place for the couple, not to mention their wedding day, while a thorough search for wedding dresses and sophisticated outfits always suits you, wedding preparations must necessarily start with choosing where you will get married. Choosing an impact location will not only generate surprise when they deliver wedding invitations. It will also give them ideas to keep preparing unexpected moments for their loved ones on the big day. Where’s the wedding going to be?

Closed or open place? For many guests or an intimate wedding? Easily accessible or shrouded in mystery? Will you be given a tight budget, or are you willing to disburse a little more for a special place? Value all these questions when choosing the best scenario for “yes, I accept.” And now, yes, let him blow his imagination.

1: A forest

As it is a cheerful, romantic, and simple environment, a wedding in a forest and nature around it will be beautiful and different.

The forest will lend to find an organic and wild decoration that symbolizes feelings and emotions. Wedding flowers will integrate seamlessly and will subtly accompany both a ceremony and an outdoor reception (or covered with tents, if they prefer to take more shelter).

Do you find the four elements inspiring? Land, water, air, and fire represented by candles or campfires will attract prosperity to marriage and give fluidity to the energies present. It will be an unparalleled ceremony!

Choosing the forest as a stage can frame an intimate day ceremony that will be illuminated by the sun or, at night, by the stars’ magical light and the moon. In any case, adapt it with sure amenities to make it comfortable, safe, and accessible.

2: A vineyard

Mexico is home to many vineyards that, in addition to offering them an exquisite visit to the local viniculture or an excellent sparkling wine for their bridal toast, provide services to organize weddings in a half natural and half industrial environment.

The vine-filled fields will be part of the stage, and you can create a boho, country, or rustic wedding. And don’t dismiss your photogenic: canvas full of barrels will lend the same for the decoration of every corner and recite romantic thoughts of love to the bride.

It is also a charismatic location for a destination wedding. In case the vineyard has accommodation, take advantage of it. Guests will be delighted by the beautiful wedding and the natural surroundings that will host them during their stay. Ask for experience packages that include tours, tastings, and even an excursion to the surrounding area.

3: A former factory

Similarly, in an old factory or a wine cellar, you can achieve a wedding in style. The main advantages of industrial spaces are their high ceilings and their versatility to be transformed with just a few details.

Day or night, long prom dresses will look in all their splendor. And imagine the pleasure of customizing the bare walls of an old factory or the suggestive contrast of making your way with a princess cut wedding dress between tools and machines that were no longer used a few decades ago.

4: A bullring

Bullrings, attractive charros canvases, and even football stadiums or golf courses can be the impact location you want for your wedding. The place will depend on your taste and the atmosphere you want to give yourself the “yes.”

Whether you opt for a canvas or a square, Mexican style, local traditions, vibrant music, charros attire, and typical cuisine will adapt perfectly. Instead, a stadium or golf course’s sportier atmosphere may offer you other amenities and more eclectic exclusivity.

5: A historic construction

The buildings we find in an archaeological site, a Magical Village, a city, or a country lend themselves incredibly to celebrating a wedding. From ancient ruins to enormous palaces, mystical museums, ex-conventos, or impressive structures are attractive and unusual options.

All you will have to investigate are the requirements, permits, and limitations of celebrating the celebration and asking what your experience is receiving weddings.

6: A Hacienda

These colonial buildings offer you much more than a roof to shelter your wedding. The shades of the trees, the vintage touch of the wooden benches, the native vegetation within its simple wedding center centers, and, if you wish, farm animals await you in your celebration within a hacienda.

Outdoor weddings are becoming more common, and its attractive assembly offers very picturesque weddings. The great advantage of these is that they have accommodation for some or all of their guests and beautiful facilities equipped with any theme.

7: A Seaside Hotel

Goodbye, city! Hello, the beach! Stay away from traffic and routine. Let yourself be intoxicated by the swing of the waves and seek inspiration in the sun, sea, and sand to develop your wedding from start to finish. With the amenities that hotels with access to the beach will provide, success is guaranteed.

The beach is lovely! And that this is the set to carry out the marriage liaison will make it even more special. The outdoors will allow them to organize both a formal wedding with tulips and orchids at the altar and a more relaxed one with wildflowers in the natural bridal bouquet.

8: A Ship

And if the seaside still inspires you to take on new horizons, have a wedding onboard. The most waiting day of their lives can be celebrated on a yacht, catamaran, ferry, or private cruise. If you are looking to share your joy with friends, family, and the marine world, the perfect place for you is a super-unusual means of shipping!

Choose the boat according to the number of guests and the available budget. And prepare yourselves, because it is not a preciseness financial service.

If the quotes are triggered but do not want to give up the boats’ adventurous spirit, they can choose it only for a moment of celebration. For example, take your guests from the mainland to the island where your ceremony will be or serve a welcome cocktail before the banquet.

Den or no continuity to the marine world’s characteristic symbols, the ornament of its floral wedding arrangements can more obviously or more subtly integrate anchors, star sea stars, shells, and pearls. Dark colors close to white, chandeliers, and live music will be well received.

9: A Roof

We all imagine a rooftop meeting to celebrate a birthday or organize a romantic surprise to deliver the Tiffany engagement ring. But what if the roof is the place to celebrate a wedding?

This site is ideal for urban couples who crave to have a sophisticated, romantic, and dazzling wedding. The paronymic view will be breathtaking!

Try to find a place surrounded by important monuments or beautiful structures, as these will be part of the decoration. Lighting, petal paths, a glamorous toast, and an exquisite feast will open everyone the curiosity to try the elegant wedding cake chosen for the occasion.

10: A Casino

A casino is a space full of fun and elegance. Abandon that idea of having a makeshift wedding and something kitsch in Las Vegas as we’ve seen in so many movies, as a casino can be a perfect place to plan a wedding of great glamour.

If you’re wondering where it’s going to look best to complement your mermaid cut wedding dress with gloves up to your elbow, a casino is an answer. Also, to walk down the altar with an intense and passionate red bridal bouquet, luminous makeup, and a collected hairstyle held with shiny pieces. Very attractive.

A casino is an unusual place very seductive to celebrate a wedding. Much more than fun and games, it will be an exciting celebration where chips, dice, bets, and, above all, the bright and handsome atmosphere will design a very sophisticated wedding.

The décor in white, black, red, and gold will convey the fun couple they are. Even for couples who love fantasy tales like Alice in Wonderland is a good location. They’ll be the feeling!

11: A 100% Natural Landscape

They may link this point to the beach, gardens, or haciendas, but open their horizons because outdoor weddings can also be performed in cenotes, deserts, caves, waterfalls, and waterfalls.

The appeal of choosing one of these sites is that the celebrations will be more relaxed and joyful. The freshness, light, and natural environment will be adapted to develop elegant weddings. Now, have well-controlled environmental conditions such as humidity, sun rays, or heat. This charismatic location does not become a nightmare for the hairstyles and evening dresses 2019 of their guests.

12: In A House

The homely heat will bring affection to the ceremony. Nothing is more meaningful and memorable than organizing the wedding at home: the ceremony will be intimate and unique. Only the most important people close to you will come.

The first thing you will need to analyze is whether you have the capacity and amenities to welcome all your guests. Please note that facilities can be rented, such as furniture, industrial kitchens, and portable toilets.

If it is in the home of any of your families, add to the decoration photos that tell both families’ stories and not just one. And if it will be in your home, this wedding party will give extra value to the house where you will live, which will be imbued with unforgettable memories.

13: In A Secret Place!

Memorable weddings are characterized by being emotional and fun. The place will be a secret to all guests. Perhaps within the original wedding invitations, you can pass them a riddle to guess where the wedding will be. Will they find out?

They can provide clues to their guests as the date approaches or summon them to a place they will pick them up. What a mystery!

These sites lend themselves to taste with all the senses the most delicious wedding cakes. Despite being rare, make sure you have comfortable furniture, well-defined spaces, and romantic décor. If it helps, good wedding memories also serve to make your wedding an even more memorable event. And if you’ll be more classic when choosing a venue for your wedding, you have the option to take advantage of one of the photoshoots in the place you like best. To make your dream cool come true!


Openclassrooms Review In 2021: Number 1 In France

Open classrooms, formerly Site so Zero, is a MOOC platform based in France. The site has made a place for itself in MOOC’s world thanks to the quality of the courses offered there. It is in collaboration with universities, vocational training institutions, and large companies. Its offer of distance courses centered on the world of computer science attracts many francophones, but also internationals because the site presents courses in English and Spanish. Even today, it is preferred by learners who want to take classes with a certificate of completion of training recognized by the state.


Mathieu Nebra, with Pierre Dubuc, are the initiators of the Openclassrooms platform, formerly called The Site of Zero. Matthieu Nebra was still a student when, at the age of 13, he wanted to learn how to create a website. He was trying to find beginner books at the library but could not find any. His parents had offered him a book on web development at Christmas. As the book seemed difficult and incomprehensible to him, an idea came to his mind: creating a site on HTML for beginners. So he started The Site of Zero in 1999. Il was a site for tutorials aimed at training young people on computer programming languages.

Pierre Dubuc was the first visitor to the site. It was then that he offered his help to Matthew Nebra. He already had, at that time, confirmed knowledge of the world of web development. The two enthusiasts decided to work together and regularly created content for the site with a few volunteers. At first, only a few friends visited and were interested in the area. Then, through word of mouth, the platform gradually attracted users. At the end of their studies, things became more serious, and the two companions decided to invest fully in the site. So they moved to the suburbs of Paris and found a small office to work in.

At the start of their professions, the two young men generated income through advertisements and books that found success in online training. This sale allowed them to sell 150,000 pounds and benefit from a fund of 2 million euros from Alven Capital. This capital, therefore, offers them the opportunity to expand their project. It was then that the company left its small office and moved to the center of Paris. The founders decided in 2013 to rename their company “OpenClassrooms” and have made an international reputation. Since then, the site has gradually embarked on other activities and has focused on premium offerings and online training.

In 2015, the site’s owners claimed to have one million members. The story that marked the company’s second success is its partnership with the French government during the time of François Hollande. The President announced a free Premium account to all French job seekers for professional and certified training.


The courses on the Openclassrooms platform are presented in French, English, and Spanish. Its partnership with universities such as École Polytechnique, Efrei Paris, ESGI, ICD, Sciences Po, and large companies and institutions such as IBM, Google, Brussels Formation, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Theme Cloud allows the site to offer online training sanctioned by recognized certificates.

Unlike other MOOC platforms that teach courses in a wide range of fields, the site offers courses that revolve around entrepreneurship, virtual marketing, and web development. They are presented in the form of short videos and PDFs. Besides, to assess the learners’ achievements, exercises in MQS and free projects are made available to them.

The students themselves do the correction of the exercises. Indeed, the interactivity between students is strengthened on the platform. However, if participants need assistance, they can refer to the trainers and request personalized service.

Until 2018, the site allowed members to post their video as a course through a tool called “Race Lab.” Currently, classes are carried out by partner institutions and universities.


Open classroom courses are free and paid for. Indeed, the classes are almost the same for free and paid modes. The issuance of a certificate is what makes learners have to pay for the training. The fee-based courses are divided into two offers, including:

  • The “Premium” offer at 20 euros per month, without commitment. This is an available course, depending on the learner’s own pace. At the end of the training, a certificate of success is issued, including recognition by employers.
  • The “Premium Plus” offer starts at 300 euros per month, with no commitment. The request provides professional training, followed by a mentor for guaranteed employment. The Premium Plus offer allows you to graduate to a Bac-5 level. For the latter, the participant must set a regular work rhythm.

For free courses, videos are limited to 5 per month. Assessment exercises are given to students. They can access discussion forums and can access the progress dashboard. Certificates are not issued in free mode, and it is not possible to download the videos in HD.

Also, Openclassrooms has a formula dedicated to companies. It allows employees to undergo initial training. Rates for this type of offer vary depending on the need of the companies.

User Reviews

Users say they are satisfied with their training via the Openclassrooms website. Some claim to have been able to carry out their project with a mentor’s assistance from the site. Others have welcomed their course and are pleased with the opportunity to benefit from many supports and very professional mentoring. Learners in non-paying training say they are happy with their experience on the site. They had the chance to acquire new know-how that allowed them to move towards a new profession. However, some learners spoke of a somewhat rigorous pace and that it is essential to show attendance.

Rating: 9/10

The Openclassrooms platform is the recommended site for anyone who wants to perform in the Web world without going through an entire university course. The presence of tutors on the site allows learners to solve complex problems and benefit from a directive to master the achievements. The rates are desirable. It is an alternative for anyone who wants to graduate at a lower cost. It is also an opportunity for companies to train their employees at lower prices. The courses are offered in a way that meets the needs of businesses. This makes it easier for participants to find a job. Besides, recognized certificates are an asset.

Udemy In 2021: Full Review

Udemy, the platform for taking online courses open to all, is one of the leaders of MOOCs. This is probably the site that offers the most classes. Udemy’s specificity lies in the fact that it allows all experts and professionals to integrate its website to provide distance training, type MOOC. The courses are given there are on a variety of topics and themes.

This is why this platform is a real success with stakeholders. Classes are added regularly, if not every day. This is why the site has a dynamic catalog.


Udemy is a world-class platform. Its history began in 2007, when Eren Bali, its founder, created software for virtual courses. He quickly realized that his product had potential. It was then that he decided, in 2009, to go to Silicone Vallée, in the United States, to try his luck with his product and his know-how. So he found partners, including Oktay Calgar and Gagan Biyani, and launched the Udemy project in early 2010. The three partners tried to raise funds to find an investment, but the investors were not interested in their project. It was then that they decided to launch the Udemyproject themselves, “The Academy of You.”

Immediately, 2000 courses were published on the Udemy platform by 1000 instructors. Nearly 10,000 learners have registered on the site. Thanks to this first positive experience, the founders tried their luck with investors and raised $1 million in late August 2010 and $3 million in October 2011. In 2012, the company secured an investment of $12 million. In 2014, Udemy’s CEO changed, and Dennis Yang replaced Erin Ball. The site raised $32 million in May 2014, $65 million in June 2015, and $60 million in June 2016. Udemy has raised $173 million through 2017. In June 2017, the platform again changed CEO, including Kevin H. Johnson.

The courses

Udemy has a wide range of courses. Its online catalog has more than 80,000 terms, divided into several languages. Indeed, the courses offered on this site are provided by experts from all over the world. Unlike other MOOC platforms, the site does not have any particular collaboration with universities or specific institutions. All instructors who want to share their experiences and know-how on the forum can do so by incorporating courses in the form of videos, PowerPoint presentations, Pdfs, and live classes.

OnUdemy’splatform, the courses offered may or may not be paid for. This depends, in particular, on their owner. One of the most significant advantages of taking a distance course on this site is the lack of a time limit. While classes are generally available on other MOOC platforms on a limited-time basis, on Udemy’s, courses can be purchased, and learners can access them at any time or even download them. Also, the site hosts MOOCs for companies or Udemy for Business. It is a solution for businesses that allow employees to offer initial training at a lower cost. Only selected trainers can post courses in this category.

Also, members can share their experiences and opinions and various tips on a discussion forum. They can also contact teachers for specific questions or to have personal assistance. They can give a certificate of completion of the training. However, certificates cannot be used in a legal framework but will be an asset to be presented during a work interview or other non-formal things.

Udemy’s platform uses the rating system to allow learners to share their appreciation of course quality. They can also leave a comment. It is indeed a very effective way, which helps future members choose courses and have an idea of the training content. It should be noted that the site currently has more than 24 million students.

Price Range

Registration on Udemy’s website is free, but you need an account on the platform to access it. The courses are both free and paid for. Whether or not to rate the classes depends on the trainers who design them. Almost a third of the courses are free, and the most-followed and topical courses are usually the most expensive. The price is generally starting at 19 euros, but the site requires that the minimum price for a course is 9 euros and must not exceed 300.

It is also possible for learners to view part of the courses to get an idea of what they are going to buy. Indeed, Udemy provides its members with the “See a preview of this course” icon above the indicated rate. That’s when they can decide whether or not to take the course and pay the price.

Udemy’s platform also offers a subscription fee. It is being provided to professional establishments and companies via the Udemy for the Business category. Nearly 3000 courses are available in this section. The subscription fee is based on business needs.

User reviews

Users are generally satisfied with their experience on Udemy. Therefore, the site has a positive balance sheet, which is justified by the number of members who adhere to this site. Some learners say they are satisfied with their experience because of the ergonomics of the site and, in particular, its easy access. Others are happy to have been able to enjoy an awards ceremony. From time to time, trainers offer good deals and discounts on courses. Members who have also taken courses entirely on the site say they have found work through training on the platform. However, some users say they are hesitant because of the courses’ quality, but the rating system is a perfect tool to make the right decision.

Rating: 9/10

Udemy is a MOOC platform with an extensive range of courses. It is also the site that offers more MOOCs in French. Its catalog makes it easy for learners to find a specific period. The rates are also desirable. The absence of a time limit on the courses allows students to consult them as they see fit, without time limit stress. The classes are also searchable as long as they exist on the platform, and users are members of the forum. The rating of courses is very beneficial insofar as it is a way to know the quality of the trainers’ course.

Coursera In 2021: Full Review

Online courses are becoming more and more privileged. For some, it is a way to learn without going through classical and academic times. For others, they allow escaping the exorbitant costs of universities. In the last ten years, MOOC has become popular.

MOOC (Massive Opening Online Courses in English) are virtual courses that attract millions of people every year. They allow learners to take a system that is more flexible and at their own pace. To take a MOOC, participants must register on a platform and find the right courses. Among these platforms, Coursera is one of the leaders and pioneers in the world of MOOC.


The race is an online course platform created in 2012 by two Stanford University computer science professors, including Andrew Yan-Tak Ng and Daphne Koller. In the fall of 2011, they taught online at Stanford. Soon after, they took inspiration from this idea to launch the Coursera project. Four U.S. universities immediately participated in their project, including Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania, which offered courses on the platform. Classical procedures are followed by specialization courses and courses centered on more specific subjects, then diploma courses.

Coursera works in collaboration with renowned universities. Started with only four prestigious universities, the site welcomed 149 universities in 29 countries in 2017. In addition to working with academic institutions, Coursera has also developed a partnership with major companies such as IBM, Google, and PwC. Currently, the site is one of the busiest MOOC platforms. It welcomes more than 25 million users and offers more than 2,700 distance courses.

The success of this platform is thanks in part to increased financial support. In April 2012, the founders secured $16 million initial funding, and in 2013, the venue found support from the Word Bank group with an investment of $63 million. In 2015, EDB Investments made a financial contribution of $61 million, and in June 2017, they secured $64 million in financing from GSV Asset Management, enabling the startup to secure funding total of $210 million.

The courses

To take a course on the Coursera platform, participants must register and create an account. They can then search for terms they want to join. The times are usually developed by university professors but can also be courses conceptualized by professionals from the major companies partnering with the site. Most of the website courses are in English, but times in other languages are also available. Studies in French are available on this site and other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Hebrew, Italian and Ukrainian.

There are different types of courses on the platform:

  • Classic courses: These are usually short-term courses, including 4 to 6 weeks. However, some systems require a slightly more extended time. On average, it takes 3 hours per week to work on the course. They are presented in pre-recorded videos of about 20 to 30 minutes. When the training time is over, learners are invited to evaluate their achievement by answering the quizzes.
  • Specializations: If the classical courses allow for simple training, the specialization courses offer the opportunity to deepen a particular field. The training takes place for 4 to 6 months. Participants may request an outstanding follow-up by a professor or expert incumbent. These courses are paid for, and a certificate of completion is awarded to students at the end of the period. It should be noted that Coursera ensures that a certificate is issued that is recognized within companies.
  • Initial online training for businesses: many MOOC numbers only give individual courses. Coursera dedicates a space dedicated to companies, including “Coursera for business.” These are courses of initial training types.

Follow the courses on the Coursera platform requires the participant to get involved in the training. Although the MOOC is intended to suit the students’ rhythms, self-control and assiduity are also needed to be more successful. For courses sanctioned by a certificate, they must pass exams in the form of QCM and do essays that will be corrected by the professors. Certificates are only issued if the grades are more than 80%, valid for all types of courses.

The price

Mooc is defined as a training that is open to all and is generally known to be cheaper or even free of charge. Coursera offers several rates for these courses. The platform provides its members with complimentary classes, as well as paid courses. Free access to terms varies depending on the field and the universities that offer them. Currently, most times are partly open, for example, for watching videos. However, students must switch to paid modes if they want to obtain a certificate at the end of the course, priced between $29 and $99. However, it should be noted that Coursera still has a few free times sanctioned by a certificate once the apprenticeship has been completed.

Rates for specializations vary depending on the academic institutions that offer them. Most often, courses for this type of training are offered in a subscription that is between $39 and $79 per month. Most of these courses have a free trial mode for seven days.

After seven days, if the participants are not satisfied with the courses they have signed up for, they can withdraw without being priced. Besides, if learners enter online training via Coursera to obtain a university degree, they must pay between $15,000 and $25,000, and the courses last between 1 and 3 years.

User reviews

Coursera generally has a positive track record with its users. The platform is above all appreciated for the quality of the courses. Learners are satisfied with the way their learning is going. Professionals who have converted to other activities say they are confident with their training.

Other users say they have found more inspiration by taking a classic course and have not hesitated to engage in different sessions in other areas. Companies also testify to the training of employees who have promoted their performance and know-how. However, many members asked about the process of accessing free courses on the platform.

Rating: 8/10

Coursera is a MOOC platform that offers quality courses worthy of excellent schools. Its partnership with prestigious universities is an asset for learners who want to benefit from their certificate. Rates are reasonable and allow participants to choose quality courses based on their means. Free lessons are well-received, but users seem not to hesitate to opt for systems with certificates. The positive point that should not be forgotten is the interactivity between learners through discussion forums, including teachers’ participation and which allows them to solve a problem by the exchange of information.

Visiting New Zealand: What to see? What do I do?

New Zealand has beautiful places to discover, but above all, fun or sporting activities to do. Unfortunately, I could not test everything; I regret somewhat not having been able to do a parachute or bungee jump in the country or remember that bungee jumping was born!

There is no shortage of thrill-seekers in this country, but we will mainly talk about what to do and see in New Zealand.

Some tips for visiting New Zealand

A few tips to help you if you decide to visit New Zealand. After going through the dos and see things in New Zealand, let’s move on to the practical side. If you would like to know more, I invite you to read my article on preparing a New Zealand road trip.

We will try to answer three questions that will help you prepare for your trip to New Zealand.

When to visit New Zealand?

The best time to visit New Zealand is undoubtedly summer (in New Zealand), i.e., winter at home. From December to February, the period will be the best, even if it can extend from November to March see April.

How do I visit New Zealand?

New Zealand is a relatively large country with a multitude of things to see. The easiest way to visit New Zealand is to rent vans or motorhomes. This travel mode will allow you to move around with ease and discover the country at your own pace. There are many places to spend the night in your van or motorhome in New Zealand. For your vehicle’s choice, do not hesitate to compare the different models that can exist (there are many).

How long will it take to visit New Zealand?

It all depends on your itinerary, the number of things you want to see in New Zealand. The country is divided into two islands, two weeks to visit an island can be a reasonable duration. 3 to 4 weeks for both islands. I advise 12 weeks of travel. Two weeks is the minimum. It is possible to opt for journeys via domestic flights to reach the main places to see, but this will take away the real road trip’s undeniable charm in New Zealand.

Visit Hobbiton, a must-do in New Zealand.

New Zealand says, “Lord of the Rings.” It’s impossible to visit New Zealand without discovering some of the trilogy’s mythical filming locations. Visiting Hobbiton will undoubtedly be the number one activity to do in New Zealand for all the Lord of the Rings trilogy fans. This Hobbit village that was the setting for the trilogy filming was dismantled after the filming of it. It was rebuilt for the new trilogy: The Hobbit and left to be visited by fans.

A pleasant visit, but do not expect to walk alone in the village since it is visited exclusively via guided tours. Enjoy a 2-hour stay with a drink at the famous Green Dragon Inn.

Discover Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Park

Geothermal parks are a must-see in New Zealand, and it is most famous being the Wai-O-TapuGeothermal Park. Located near Rotorua’s town on the North Island, in one of the country’s most geothermally active areas, Wai-O-Tapu Park is famous for its “Champagne Pool,” a bubbling pool of sparkling water in striking colors. This swimming pool has recently been the cover of a renowned travel guide.

This park has many lakes and geysers, all more surprising than the others.

Other geothermal parks are worth looking at, such as Waimangu Geothermal Park, not far from Wai-O-Tapu, which offers incredible landscapes of smoking lakes and swimming pools with stunning color.

If you’re taking a tour of this area, stop at Kerosene Creek, a river with warm water that makes you swim.

A cruise to meet the dolphins of the Bay of Islands

Visiting New Zealand also means discovering its flora and fauna, very rich in places, and often unique in the world. Indeed, the country is home to many marine mammals such as whales, orcas, seals, and dolphins.

When I arrived in New Zealand, I quickly wanted to discover these mammals. Being in the Northland region, north of Auckland, I decided to take a cruise to meet the Bay Islands’ dolphins, the Bay of Islands. An exceptional place in New Zealand with no less than 140 islands, most of which are uninhabited.

This region’s climate is exceptionally mild, offering sandy beaches much appreciated by the people of Auckland.

The marine fauna is very present because it is in this place that lives many dolphins, seals but it is also the place of passage of migrating whales.

An unforgettable memory for me to see all these dolphins swimming around us. Small disappointment, no whale insight at this time of year.

Take a walk in the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

To answer the question: “What to do in New Zealand?” it is imperative that I tell you about the famous Glowworm Caves. For those unfamiliar with English, “glowworm” means “glowworm” and “cave” means “cave.” You will have understood it is indeed caves of shiny worms that I will talk to you about now. These shiny worms like to live in total darkness. It lights up in the dark to attract insects that venture around to make their meal.

The shiny worms don’t just live in New Zealand. You’re going to tell me you can even find them in France. That’s true, but in New Zealand, in these caves, they have the distinction of being millions! The entire ceiling of the cave is covered, and the spectacle is grandiose.

The Waitomo Caves are the most famous in New Zealand. Admission is paid, but this has the advantage of walking the cave dry, on a landscaped path, enjoying a small boat ride, and explanations from a guide.

What to see in New Zealand: Milford Sound

It’s time for me to tell you about one of New Zealand’s most extraordinary landscapes, a place I’ll rank as the number one thing to see when visiting New Zealand as the scenery of this place is stunning: Milford Sound.

Milford Sound is none other than one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. These dimensions are impressive, with a peak that peaks at nearly 1700 meters.

Skiing in Tongariro National Park: an unforgettable thing to do in New Zealand

Now let’s talk about one of New Zealand’s oldest national parks. His visit is a must. This park is known around the world in many ways. First of all, it is one of the most beautiful New Zealand with its three volcanoes, its lakes with unique colors and these plains.

The number activity of the park is well on its day hike: the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. A 19 km hike that will take you to the most beautiful places in the park.

But we’re not going to talk about hiking. We’re going to talk about skiing. Indeed I was lucky at the beginning of my stay in New Zealand to go to the national park at the end of winter. Surprise, its highest volcano, Mount Ruapehu, was still snowy. On this volcano, which rises to 2,800 meters, was built a ski resort.

So it’s an incredible experience that I was able to experience in this national park: skiing on a volcano in extraordinary landscapes—an original way to visit New Zealand.

I was going to forget! This place was used for the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Indeed, one of the three volcanoes of the park, Mount Ngauruhoe, is none other than the mountain of destiny!

Skiing on a volcano

Kayaking Abel Tasman, a must-have in New Zealand

Let’s move on to the South Island to another famous national park, Abel Tasman National Park. It is renowned for its white sandy shores and crystal clear water. The park’s most famous hike is the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, a 3 to 5-day trek through the park’s dense forest to discover many small beaches all prettier than the other.

This hike can be done in two different ways. It is customary to kayak on the first day or discover the park, not on foot but by kayak, to reach some hidden beaches inaccessible from the hiking path.

Walking on the glaciers of the West Coast

Let’s stay on New Zealand’s South Island for a few more moments for one of the island’s must-see spots: the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers.

On the west coast of the South Island are two low-lying glaciers easily accessible via a short hike, but the number one attraction in this region is the helicopter flyover of the glaciers and then the walk of these glaciers.

Take a hot water bath at Hot Water Beach and discover Cathedral Cove.

Let’s now return to the North Island, in the Coromandel region in the island’s north-east. This area is famous for its beaches, including Cathedral Cove, one of the most beautiful and renowned in New Zealand. Indeed, on this beach, one of the scenes of the second part of the trilogy of “World of Narnia” was shot. A place to see without hesitation.

This beach is not far from another shore, also very famous and very touristy: Hot Water Beach.

This beach has the distinction of being located above a hot spring. It is customary to dig a hole with a shovel, a few tens of centimeters, to access the beach’s hot water. This is truly one thing to do in New Zealand, a must-see on any road trip in New Zealand.

Digging a hole on Hot Water Beach

Climb to the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower

Another must-see activity in New Zealand is to climb to the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower.

The tallest in the Southern Hemisphere offers stunning views of Auckland and its bay from the top.

At the top of this tower are a café, a restaurant, and an observation platform.

Queenstown, a paradise for thrill-seekers

Let’s stay in the theme of thrills with Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. Before we review the countless things to do in Queenstown, let me tell you a few words about this city. It is merely one of the most exotic cities in New Zealand, nestled between the Southern Alps’ mountains and bordered by Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown looks like an alpine resort.

Let’s move on to the countless activities to be done in and around Queenstown. First of all, its mountains surrounding the city will allow you, during the winter, to enjoy the snow with its ski resorts. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, the choice is vast.

Queenstown is known for its bungee jumping, skydiving, and paragliding spots. The city is a new Zealand must-see!

Comparison Of Udemy, OpenClassroom And Coursera

Distance training has taken on a new form and is now more accessible. Self-help, self-control, and perseverance are three main criteria required to learn on a MOOC. The MOOC’s success is not only due to its free or cheaper cost than traditional distance courses and university courses. Learners mostly favor it because the classes are taught by prestigious university schools, experts, and professionals. In short, it is a quality course at a lower cost. Three platforms are now well known in the MOOC world: Udemy, Openclassroonms, and Coursera.


The principal founder of Udemy is a Turk named Eren Bali. In 2009, he left his native country to settle in Silicon Valley, USA. With the collaboration of Oktay Calgar and Gagan Biyanien in May 2010, he embarked on the Udemy project. In a few months, the same year, the platform welcomes 1000 instructors with nearly 2000 courses and almost 10,000 users. Currently, there are almost 80,000 courses on Udemy.

Course details and subscription:

Udemy is open to professionals and experts who wish to offer a distance course. It is probably the platform that hosts the largest number of times and provides a broad theme. The duration varies from teacher to teacher. In general, one-third of the courses are offered free of charge, and for the rest, learners have to pay a certain amount. The terms are in the form of video, and their price also depends on each trainer, especially from US$19.99. Udemy does not offer a subscription offer.


The course runs on Udemy is more flexible compared to other MOOC platforms. There is no deadline, and learners can have unlimited access to the systems. Registrants buy their courses and learn at their own pace.

The course catalog is very extensive. This allows people wishing to take training on the platform to find a well-diversified choice of courses. And while it is often challenging to know MOOC’s quality on some platforms, on Udemy, this is not the case. Indeed, the site has a course rating system. It is a way of qualifying them.

A certificate officially recognized by universities do not sanction courses on Udemy. However, some professors give a certificate of completion when the session is over.

Open Classrooms

When opening in 1999, Openclassrooms was known as the Zero Site. It was a volunteer-led distance learning site that focused on the subject of computer science. Following its success with the public, the managers decided to make it a more extreme place and named it Simple IT and then Openclassroms. In 2015. It had nearly one million subscribers and generated about 2,500,000 visitors per month.

Course details and subscription:

In 2012, Openclassrooms reinvented itself in the MOOC and became an online course platform. It has about 1,400 courses and more than 3 million users. It is the site that offers the largest number of MOOCs in French. The courses are given in the form of text courses and video tutorials. They are established by teachers or experts and are followed by quizzes and free exercises. If necessary, learners can request a follow-up from a mentor.

Interactivity between students is preferred on the Openclassrooms platform. Participants can help each other. Other students correct quizzes and exercises. The site offers certification at the end of each course, which is considered completed when students have obtained a score of more than 70% overall exercises.

To gain access to courses on Openclassrooms 3 options are possible:

  • Subscribe for free: classes are limited to 5 videos per week.
  • Sign up for the Premium offer for 20 euros/month: access to courses is unlimited, and a certificate of achievement sanctions them. This offer allows students to download the videos.
  • Sign up for the Premium offer for 300 euros/month. In addition to unlimited access to courses and download videos, participants are awarded a diploma equivalent to a Bac-5, which is recognized by the advantage.
  • Benefits:

One of the significant advantages of students on Openclassrooms is obtaining a certificate and diploma recognized by the state and professional institutions. Besides, the courses are reputed to be of high quality.

Mentoring is a privilege that Premium offer participants can access if needed. Besides, the self-help system allows students to exchange information.


Coursera is arguably the best MOOC platform that welcomes the largest number of members. Many major universities are in collaboration with the site, which allows learners to access university-quality courses. Among the significant French schools located on the Coursera site are École des Ponts Paris Tech, École Normale Supérieure, Hec Paris, Sciences Po. Coursera currently has more than 2000 courses and welcome more than 25 million users.

Course details and subscription:

On the Coursera platform, the courses are taught by teachers and experts in the form of videos with quizzes and projects. Students are connected. They can exchange information and help each other through a discussion forum. Classes may be sanctioned with a training certificate. Registration on the site is free, but you have to pay for each course to get a certificate.

In general, classes take 4 to 6 weeks and require an average of 3 hours per week. But the duration of the courses varies depending on the courses taken. Although the time for training is more flexible, participants must meet a particular deadline.

For those who want to join a course and benefit from personalized follow-up by a teacher, it is necessary to subscribe to the specializations.

For classical courses, the price is between 29 and 99 euros, depending on the courses’ themes. Specialization courses are available as a monthly subscription and range from $39 to €79. If it is diploma training, the course can cost between 15 miles and 25 thousand U.S. dollars.


The most significant advantage of taking courses on Coursera is the opportunity to enjoy the same course qualities as in the primary schools. Learners help each other and exchange information, but teachers can personally assist them.

Students can obtain a certificate or diploma with the same value as university degrees at the end of the course.

Pandemic Effect: 23% Decrease In Advertising Revenue In Q3

Advertising revenues for all media reached 4.532 billion euros in the third quarter of 2020, down 23.3% year-on-year (compared to -1.6% in September 2019), according to the unified advertising market barometer (BUMP) published by France Bump Pub, Irep, and Kantar. These figures include television, film, radio, press, outdoor advertising, advertising, and digital revenues. As of September 2020, the advertising market has lost 11% of its advertising portfolio, with a total of 46,150 advertisers across all media. More than one in 10 advertisers have not communicated since January. The barometer points out.

While 2020 will remain a black year for the advertising market, the losses recorded in the third quarter were less significant than the whole of the first half of 2020, thanks in particular to a summer period that benefited from a slight recovery in the confidence of the players.

At the end of September 2020, the trend in advertising volumes was comparable to that of revenues with a summer period, which showed encouraging signs for the market and activity up again for specific media segments and individual sectors. This improvement helped to contain the decline in the third quarter, but September’s re-entry was not as positive as hoped.

Digital Media less impacted by the crisis

While digital advertising revenues for television, radio, and the press are declining, the fall remains more contained than for other media, in the order of 8.1% (280 million euros). The decline is more marked if we include revenues related to digital outdoor advertising (DOOH), down 18.8% (360 million euros) compared to the third quarter of 2019.

Radio resists the best; cinema continues to dive

All five media, namely television, film, radio, press, and outdoor advertising fell by 22.2% in the first nine months of 2020, compared with -0.6% in the same period last year. As in the first half of the year, impacted by the crisis and the first containment, it is the radio that resists the best:

  • radio: -12.6% in Q3 2020 (vs. 1.9% in Q3 2019),
  • TELEVISION: -17.5% (vs -0.8% in Q3 2019),
  • press: -24.4% (vs -4.1% in Q3 2019),
  • cinema: -62.1% (vs. 0.4% in Q3 2019),
  • outdoor advertising: -33.4% (vs. 4% in Q3 2019).

All sectors affected, despite a mitigated sector decline.

The ranking of the top 10 sectors, all of which were impacted by the fall in the advertising market in the third quarter of 2020, remains broadly the same as in the first half of the year. However, the barometer notes that the evolution of investment and the share of votes has affected sectors unevenly, the decline of which has been relatively mitigated.

The impact has been more severe for sectors directly affected by health measures and new consumer habits. Leisure culture, catering, or fashion tourism these sectors have been virtually at a standstill for weeks and have not been able to restart quickly. So they have very negative results. (…) Among the sectors that fared better were services (-1%), which were punctuated by numerous campaigns by two types of advertisers. Restaurants or other services at home and the public sector (up 81%) have spoken mainly to inform, raise awareness and help consumers, the barometer says.

The evolution of advertising investment in the top 10 sectors between September 2019 and 2020. © France Pub / Irep / Kantar

A 2020 market in the decline of 7 billion euros, as in 1998

As of 1 November, the bump forecasts a 22% reduction in annual communication spending, down 7 billion euros. This is the largest decline in the market since 1998, above that recorded in 2009 (-8.4%). It remains to be seen how the market will react at the end of the year, with a second containment lighter than the previous one and the brands that have developed the click and collect to continue their activities, which have led them to continue to invest in advertising, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Google To Delete Files From Inactive Accounts After 2 Years

Google will delete your files if you remain inactive for 24 months.

Google has just announced an update to its storage policy for its Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos services. As of June 1, 2021, if you are inactive on one or more services for two years, your files may be deleted by Google.

The digital giant says this also applies to users who exceed the storage limit for two years. Google will reserve the right to remove content from their Gmail, Drive, and Photos accounts to free up space. You can take stock of your account storage with Google’s dedicated tool.

Warnings were sent before any removal.

Google will not delete files without alerting you to the inactivity issue. You will receive emails and notifications at least three months before files are deleted. You will have the option to avoid this deletion by merely making yourself active on the affected Google products.

Namely: If you are inactive only on Google Drive but active on Gmail or Google Photos, Google will remove only content from the Drive app but not from other products.

How To Be Active?

Google recommends regularly visiting Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive via a web browser or the official product app. If you have multiple accounts on your smartphone, you’ll need to make sure you use each account’s services because Google refers to account activity and not device activity.

Why does Google decide to tackle inactive accounts?

Google explains that more and more users are downloading content on Gmail, Drive, and Photos. To meet this growing need, Google is obliged to add these new rules.

More than 4.3 million GB are added every day in Gmail, Drive, and Photos, Google says.

In the same vein, Google is also taking action on Google Photos and indicates the end of free unlimited storage from June 1, 2021.